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A fully decentralized Ethereum L2 solution

Built on the robust Tezos blockchain, Etherlink empowers businesses and developers to create a new era of open, secure, and scalable applications.

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Why Choose Etherlink?

Be at the forefront of decentralized innovation

Unparalleled Decentralization

Our EVM rollup takes decentralization seriously. By harnessing Tezos enshrined smart rollups, we provide a decentralized, cost-efficient, and resilient generalized EVM L2 solution.

Inherit Battle-Tested Governance from Tezos

Our rollup governance isn't dictated by a select few - it's decided by the proven governance model of Tezos Layer 1. Experience decentralized decision-making in its truest form on a rollup designed to evolve!

Scalability and Speed

And what's more? Tezos has a stellar track record of continuous performance improvement. This commitment to excellence cascades into our rollup, assuring its future potential, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

Join the Etherlink

Decentralization, cost-efficient scaling, on-chain governance, and constant evolution - all in one place. Join the Etherlink EVM rollup on Tezos and be part of the blockchain revolution!

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